BRIDON - it may be a name you know, but perhaps one you're not that familiar with.
We've been supporting New Zealand business for over 100 years and our lineage stretches back even further.  In fact, James Cook had our ropes at work on the Endeavour.
Today, you'll find our equipment hard at work right now and every day in these industries:
Fishing : Logging : Cranes : Oil & Gas : Mining : Marine : Construction : Industrial/Engineering : Aquaculture : Agriculture & Horticulture : Chemical : Transport : Textiles
You might know and trust us as Cookes or Gourock, and if you are one of our valued customers, it's important for you to know that we are the same people.
The thing is, Bridon has owned both these well-known New Zealand brands for many years and now we are bringing our operation together as one, under the strong Bridon name.
Bridon New Zealand is part of Bridon International - the world leader in rope with operations in more than 20 countries.
Bridon is responsible for much of the world's innovation and advancement in wire rope technology.  Our wire ropes support Wembley Stadium, the London Eye and in New Zealand you'll find our workmanship keeping motorists safe on the roads, fishing boats trawling, ports unloading, oil rigs drilling, and much more.
From now on, and moving forward, Cookes and Gourock will be known as Bridon.  Over the coming months, you'll notice a higher standard in customer service, better systems, and a continued commitment to leadership across all our market sectors.
So when you think industry, and think Cookes or Gourock, now think Bridon.
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