With NEW SuperTEC you can move forward on your challenges for the Ocean !

For same breaking strength, smaller size of SuperTEC can replace regular PP rope. It shows higher abrasion resistance than general PP ropes

Smaller size and lighter weight of SuperTEC rope leads to saving working hours and labour cost. It is easy to handle because it floats and does not absorb water.

Compared to the same size of PP ropes, it has superior strength and more abrasion resistance. It does not reduce its strength in water. It is very stable against UV for a long period of time

Innovative technology enables a stronger and affordable rope

SuperTEC is the strongest rope among PP, PE and Polyolefin ropes

Applications: Cultivation, Fishing, Fish Trap, Grind mill ropes, Industrial materials, Agriculture, Forestry

Recreation & sport - Mooring, Hawser, Tow Line


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