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Offshore Mooring, Towing, Fishing

Offshore Mooring - Dynamica Ropes are very well suited for Offshore and Mooring applications because of the low weight and high strength characteristics. Its speed and easy handling are other important parameters making it suitable for mooring. We have given a unique solution for the high tides breakage of ordinary fibre Mooring ropes. AP Moller has used the unique solution in the ports that are subject to high tides during the monsoon. They are satisfied with the Dynamica rope solution. With the application of the unique solution using Dynamica ropes, not a single rope has broken in the last few years. This speaks for itself.

Towing - Dynamica ropes can also be used to replace the traditional steel wire that is used for towing. They can be used for coastal towing, salvage, escort towing, controlled depth towing for pipeline bundle pulls and by anchor handling vessels. The advantages of using Dyneema towlines are :

- Lighter in weight for the same breaking strength & easlier to handle. Less crew required.

- Smaller winches compared to the winches being used for other /synthetic ropes like Polyester/Nylon.

- Increased safety due to less lash back energy

- Less wear on the towing staples and other surfaces, hence less maintenance as compared to using a steel wire

- Expect a double service life if proper care taken. One has to take extra care using the Dyneema abrasion either with polyester over braiding or providing rollers on the fairleads. We offer other very effective solutions to prevent abrasion while towing, which is unique and very effective.

Fishing - These ropes are preferred in fishing to being used as Bridles, Gilsons Cod lines, Head lines and Salvage ropes in comparison to other traditional ropes.

Offshore Mooring, Towing, Fishing

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